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    Food Spy: Crabshakk and Urban Grill, Glasgow


    Busy, messy, sometimes violent at Crabbshakk, crab claws and langoustine are smashed into oblivion and all washed down by some chilled Albarinho or Pinot Gris.

  • Phil Woolas

    Wool-ass should be feeling sheepish, says Barrie


    I was delighted to see former Labour minister Phil Woolas found guilty of misleading the electorate last week – having got into hot water for calling him Phil `Wool-ass’ in May 2007. Why was I so rude? Because Woolas was the Treasury ‘lackey’ who had just scrapped empty rates ...

  • Grant Shapps

    Are you listening Mr Shapps?


    More evidence that Property Week’s “Regulate Resi Now!” campaign was right to demand the regulation of residential letting agents has emerged.

  • Sepp Blatter with Pele

    BBC boils Barrie's blood


    Property Week has a strong history of investigative journalism – in recent years we have delved deep into the worlds of Ian McGarry, Achilleas Kallakis and `Lord’ Eddie Davenport to name but a few. I also applaud the Sunday Times’s investigation into alleged corruption among the Fifa officials ...

  • Fashion Spy

    The LBD serves its purpose at BCSC but men need to shape up their shirts before MAPIC


    What a difference a year makes!! Returning to Manchester for the annual BCSC, I am finding the conference to be in fine form - well attended and a real sense of purpose within the hall supported by an eagerness from both landlords and retailers to deal.

  • Rabbi Sacks

    Shame on you if you avoid tax, says Chief Rabbi


    Shame on you if you avoid tax – this was the message from the Chief Rabbi Lord Sacks at an intriguing dinner I went to on Tuesday night.

  • Fashion Spy

    Fashion Spy hits the BCSC - make sure you don't get caught out!


    I would like to make a statement - The property industry isn’t known for its fashion forward thinking…Discuss.

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    Managing personalities to get a decision


    In a block of flats, which after all is effectively a community, there is the interplay between ideals, standards, views, opinions and attitudes.

  • Targetfollow

    Barrie blogs on Targetfollow’s chances


    So Targetfollow lives to fight another day – but its potential saviour isn’t Patron Capital, the American group that was the subject of speculation last week.

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    Wine Buff: Stamp Duty and fine wine


    I recently met with Rory Mullan, a leading tax barrister and member of Tax Chambers, 15 Old Square, at 28-50 to discuss Stamp Duty Land Tax avoidance schemes, over a few glasses of fine wine.

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    Houses vs Flats


    For those who think flats are bad and houses good, it is not straight forward. It is all about public spirit!

  • Nicholas Cowell



    I for one are bored silly by the ups and downs commentary on what is happening in the property market, I for one do not have a clue and the more conflicting market research or opinions I read I have less idea and less interest in what everybody has to ...

  • Beer drinking

    Barrie blogs on football and beer


    I am spending the afternoon repaying a bet, watching football and going to the pub. But it is all in a good cause, as I will explain. First I need to take Savills' Tracy Collins out for lunch after I bet him last year that my ...

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    Mood swings and expectations


    There is clearly something in the planets that is affecting on moods and behaviours.

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    Property Ryder


    You can ask what the Ryder Cup has to do with property and the simple answer would be not a lot!

  • Weedon

    Exposing the residential income performance myth


    In one respect, the residential investment market has proved itself in recent years. The sector has weathered the brutal storm over the last three years or so, demonstrating resilience amid such steep capital depreciation in the broader commercial market.

  • Tax calculation

    Tax shouldn’t be this taxing


    There are four letters that instill fear into the heart of every private investor – HMRC. Yes, Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs, who are preparing to tax the bejesus out of us all to balance the state’s books.

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    Barrie blogs: Big box retail could provide life after Olympics


    Today’s front page news about plans to find a partner for the Olympic Village will set tongues wagging in global property circles. So what is the village like?

  • Cecconi's

    Power Breakfast: Cecconi’s


    The talk of a ‘double dip’ seems to be the words on most peoples lips at the moment. Those with a more optimistic view think we will be safe for the last quarter of 2010 and those whose glass is always half empty will be ordering their Christmas turkey ...

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    Are you being served?


    What can please one person can intensely irritate someone else.