I’m hoping this year that co-working and flexible offices come of age. Businesses need to push away the ‘tech bro’ mentality and grow out of the ‘frat culture’ created within co-working facilities.

Amol Sarva

While it’s hard to avoid taking a shortcut towards company values and absorbing the existing toxic cultures, when you’re surrounded by them – especially when they are fuelled by beer pong, loud music and prosecco parties – I feel confident that businesses will come to realise the significance of preserving their own brand, culture and identity as they grow.

Many businesses will inevitably wake up to the opportunities presented by blockchain and see beyond the hype. I think it’s the single largest and most practical use case for sharing credible information. More generally, periods of uncertainty caused by issues such as Brexit will continue to fuel interest in the flexible office market.

Resolution: To leverage blockchain capabilities to create real estate’s first automated valuation model.

Amol Sarva, chief executive at Knotel

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