Outlet centres outperformed the wider retail market in 2018 and I hope the sector continues to see double-digit growth.

Mayte Legeay

The outcome of how the UK exits the EU and how physical retail adapts to respond to the online challenge will be key. But even when times are tough, people still like to head to the shops and this has been one of the key drivers in the outlet industry’s expansion as high street retailers struggle.

Their retail, leisure and food and beverage offerings, together with the discounts shoppers can enjoy, mean that outlets are uniquely positioned to benefit. Attracting tourists will increasingly become a priority for outlets.

Resolution: To continue working on our three outlet assets – Honfleur Normandy Outlet, Billund Designer Outlet and Designer Outlet Soltau – to make them top-class performers within their regions, while working alongside local institutions to create premium tourist destinations. I also want to keep training for my next half-marathon, continue going to my yoga sessions and enjoy family life with my children.

Mayte Legeay, senior asset manager Europe at Resolution Property

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